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The energy conversion of hydraulic cylinder


Hydraulic cylinder is the hydraulic system hydraulic system can be converted into mechanical energy of the executive component. The fault can be basically summed up as the hydraulic cylinder of the wrong movement, unable to push the load and the piston slip or crawl, etc.. Because of the failure of the hydraulic cylinder and the phenomenon of equipment downtime, so the fault diagnosis and maintenance of hydraulic cylinder should be emphasized.

Fault diagnosis and treatment

1, hydraulic cylinder malfunction or malfunction

Reasons and treatment methods are the following:

(1) the valve spool jammed or valve hole plug. When the flow valve or the direction of the valve spool stuck or valve hole plug, hydraulic cylinder prone to malfunction or action. At this time, should check the oil pollution; check dirt or gum deposit is jammed spool or valve plugging; check the valve wear.

(2) the piston rod and cylinder cylinder block or cylinder block. At this point in any case, the hydraulic cylinder are not action or action. Then check the piston and piston rod seal is too tight, whether to enter the dirt and gum deposit: piston rod and the cylinder axis line on, wearing parts and seal failure.

(3) hydraulic system control pressure is too low. Control line in the throttle resistance may be too large, the flow valve regulation, control pressure is not appropriate, the pressure source is disturbed. At this point should check the control of the pressure source, to ensure that the pressure regulation to the provisions of the system.

(4) air entering into the hydraulic system. Mainly because there is a leak in the system. At this point should check the hydraulic oil level, hydraulic pump suction side of the seal and pipe joints, oil absorption filter is too dirty. If so, should be added to the hydraulic oil, processing seal and pipe joints, cleaning or replacement of the coarse filter.

(5) the initial movement of the hydraulic cylinder is slow. In the case of low temperature, the hydraulic oil viscosity is large, the flow is poor, resulting in the slow movement of the hydraulic cylinder. Improvement method is, the replacement of viscosity temperature performance better hydraulic oil, at low temperatures can be by means of a heater or self heating machine to improve the startup of the oil temperature.

2, hydraulic cylinder can not drive the load

The main performance of the piston rod is not allowed to stop, the thrust is insufficient, the speed is reduced, the work is not stable and so on.

(1) internal leakage of hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder internal leakage, including the hydraulic cylinder seal, piston rod and seal cover seal and piston seal wear caused by excessive wear and tear. The piston rod and sealing cover seal leakage causes, seal wrinkle, extrusion, tear, abrasion, aging, metamorphism, deformation and other, at this time should be replaced with a new seal. The main reason for the excessive wear of the piston seal is the speed control valve to adjust the improper, resulting in excessive back pressure and seal installation improper or hydraulic oil pollution.