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All kinds of hydraulic cylinder structure classification


According to the structure of the common hydraulic cylinder can be divided into:

1) piston type

Single piston rod hydraulic cylinder with a piston rod at one end. As shown in figure is a single piston hydraulic cylinder. The two ends of the import and export ports A and B are available through the pressure oil or oil return, in order to complete the bidirectional static, so called double acting cylinder.

2) plunger type

The plunger type hydraulic cylinder is a kind of single acting hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic pressure can only complete one direction of the static, the plunger return depends on other external force or the weight of the plunger;

The piston is not in contact with the cylinder, so that it is suitable for long stroke hydraulic cylinder;

The piston is always under compression, so it must have enough stiffness;

4 piston components tend to be larger, and the degree of use easily sagging due to weight, the formation of the abrasion of the sealing piece and a guide unilateral, so the vertical applications more favorable.

3) expansion type

Telescopic hydraulic cylinder with two stage or multi-stage piston, telescopic hydraulic cylinder piston out of order from big to small, and no load retracted order individual is from small to large. The telescopic cylinder can be completed long stroke, but retracted length is shorter, more compact structure. This hydraulic cylinder is rarely used in construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

4) swing type

The swing type hydraulic cylinder is the input torque and the completion of the reciprocating performance of the components, also known as the swing type hydraulic motor. A single leaf and double leaf two forms. The stator block is fixed on the cylinder, and the blades and the rotor are connected together. According to the direction of the oil, the blade will drive the rotor to make a reciprocating swing.

Electric delay two stage brake hydraulic station

TY1S (B792S), TE130, B157 for 2JK, 2JK/A, 2JK/E type single rope double tube series of promotions.

TY1D (B792D), TE131, B159 for JK, JK/E, JK/A type single rope single tube series C JKMD, A - JKM, C - JKM, A - JKMD, E - JKM, JKMD -, E - and landing type multi rope.

Hydraulic delay two stage brake hydraulic station:

TY3S (TK083S), TE002 is used in single rope and two tube series of promotion machine (the promotion machine model is the same as above).

TY3D (BTK083D), TE003 is used in single rope single tube series of promotions and multi rope series (tower and landing), the promotion machine model.