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What is the reason for the slowdown of the hydraulic cylinder

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Everyone knows that hydraulic cylinders are simple in structure and reliable in operation. When it is used to achieve reciprocating motion, the deceleration device can be eliminated, and there is no transmission gap, and the motion is stable, so it is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems. What is the reason for the slowdown of the hydraulic cylinder during long-term use?

       From the inspection of the hydraulic cylinder, it is necessary to know where and what type of hydraulic cylinder is used, what is the working pressure after several years of use. These need to be known in detail, it may be internal leakage, check the lower seal. Also check if there is any blockage in the system, check if the cylinder sealing ring is broken, and check if the piston rod is damaged. Basically, these aspects can be used to troubleshoot the problem. Another reason is that the internal working pressure of the cylinder has become smaller.