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The pipeline of hydraulic pump station is in accordance with the code and its fault diagnosis method

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Whether a hydraulic pump station works normally depends on whether the two main operating parameters, namely, pressure and flow, are in normal working conditions, and whether the system temperature and actuator speed are normal. The failure phenomena of hydraulic pump stations are various, and the reasons for failure are also a combination of many factors. The same factor may cause different failure phenomena, and the same failure may correspond to many different causes.

      The parameter measurement method can not only diagnose the failure of the hydraulic pump station system, but also predict the possible failures, and this prediction and diagnosis are quantitative, which greatly improves the speed and accuracy of the diagnosis. This kind of detection is direct measurement, with fast detection speed, small error, simple detection equipment, and easy to popularize and use on the production site.

     The parameter measurement method of hydraulic pump station fault diagnosis is suitable for the detection of any hydraulic station. When measuring, there is no need to shut down or damage the hydraulic pump station. Almost any part of the system can be tested. Not only can the existing faults be diagnosed, but also online monitoring and potential faults can be predicted.

    In the pipeline installation process of the hydraulic pump station, in order to prevent the suction pipe from sucking in air or mixing air from the return pipe, so as not to agitate or suck the bottom of the tank sediment, the upper edge of the pipe mouth should be at least 75mm below the liquid level or 2 times the pipe diameter. The bottom edge is at least 50mm away from the bottom of the box. The distance between the suction pipe port and the side wall of the fuel tank should be greater than 3 times the diameter of the suction pipe.

   The return pipe port should be at least 200mm below the liquid level, and the distance from the bottom of the fuel tank should be greater than 2 to 3 times the outer diameter of the return pipe. When the flow rate of the oil return pipe is too high, an oil tank-shaped diffuser drilled with many small holes can be installed at the end of the oil return pipe. A coarse filter should be installed before the oil suction pipe to clean larger particles and protect the hydraulic pump; it is recommended to install a fine filter on the oil return pipe to filter out fine particles and protect the hydraulic components.