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Repair of hydraulic cylinder piston rod


After the hydraulic cylinder piston rod, if not treated in time, light will affect the normal use, weight, so that the hydraulic cylinder can not work. Our repair method is to take a partial repair of the relatively light pull marks, and the repair of the more severe the pull mark is repaired by welding repair.

The formation of the pull mark: after the crane is disintegrated, there is a variable amplitude cylinder piston rod is badly pulled, pull mark side by side 6. Caused by the main reason for the piston rod is: the dust ring brittle after a massive fall, not only lost the role of dust, and the place also piled up a lot of dust and magazines, so that the piston rod directly and impurities hard grinding, resulting in a piston rod is pulled, and then scratch the cylinder mouth rubber seal components, causing serious leakage of hydraulic cylinder.

Repair: filler and parent material must be combined with the firm, smooth; seasoning must be hungry. And easy to manual processing stable arc, molten depth are large, and the parent material firmly combined.

Repair technology:

(1) the first place to be welded is clean, and then a wet mud is used to pull the mark.

(2) with 2 5mm diameter electrodes, the welding current to 120A, take the line smooth welding method has.

(3) all the welding is finished, clean mud Baiqi slag, rasping along the circumference of the piston rod is to repair the file and leave 0 1-0 2mm machining allowance.

(4) car a 185 mm diameter, diameter of 125 mm, 150mm in length of the cylinder when the profiling (the outer diameter of the piston rod 125mm), along the axis of the sawing, a coarse mode, the other a refined model.

(5) in the coarse mode coated on the inner wall of a thin layer of red ink. Then the coarse mode close to the piston rod to be repaired parts along the axial reciprocating running several times, then the piston rod heavy red marks rasped off with a fine file. So repeatedly filing, the machining allowance of the last remaining 0 04-0 07mm.

(6) with a 320 purpose of the sand bar dipped in kerosene with the precision mold to the piston rod repair to the specified size.

(7) the back of the hand polishing emery cloth dipped in kerosene. After measurement, the maximum error is only 0 03mm.

After repair of the crane, after a year and a half, the amplitude hydraulic cylinder had never appeared leakage phenomenon, at the same time the piston rod smooth, without rust.