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Requirements for the operation of the hydraulic cylinder by argon arc welding


1 hydraulic system

Hydraulic transmission technology in eighteenth Century after the birth of the rapid development. Today, the hydraulic transmission equipment in all walks of life to get a general use, in the modern large-scale consumer online performance is particularly adequate. Mateel hot-rolled H-beam production line, hydraulic oil tank volume 54 KL, 38 hydraulic motor, various specifications of hydraulic cylinder up to 717, only the hydraulic pipeline up to 2, 000 meters.

Hydraulic transmission technology has its own advantages, which is an important cause of its rapid development, at the same time, the hydraulic transmission equipment has its weak side, in which the anti - purification ability is outstanding. According to the relevant material records, hydraulic failure has 70% ~ 80% is caused by oil purification. To ensure the normal and reliable operation of the hydraulic system, the system must be kept clean.

Damage and cause of the 2 system purification

After the purification of the system will slow down the hydraulic parts of the wear, research, burn and even damage may cause valve failure may cause noise. The purification of the hydraulic components of the throttle orifice or throttle gap, the transformation of the hydraulic system of the task performance, causing the initiative and even complete failure of the complete failure, the formation of an accident. Dust particles in the hydraulic cylinder will damage the sealing speed reducer, the cylinder surface strain, the leakage increases, thrust lack may move is not stable, creeping, falling velocity, the occurrence of abnormal sound and vibration. Can also cause the filter, the hydraulic pump oil absorption difficult, back to the oil is not smooth and the occurrence of machine erosion, vibration and noise, when the major will be due to the resistance of the filter is too large and the filter breakdown, complete loss of filtration, forming a vicious cycle of hydraulic system.

There are many reasons for the purification of the system, from the perspective of the mechanism of the purification, 2 species: (1) manufacturing, the process of the device in the process of the external system of purification. (2) the purification of the task in the system. Obviously, the system manufacture, installation process in the ambush of pollutants is cut chip, burr, sand, paint, grinding, welding slag, rust and dust particles, they on the system damage compared with big, must at this stage and enhance governance, master purification, ensure that the device of the hydraulic system can be safe and reliable operation.

3 the purification of the hydraulic system and equipment

3.1 purification of hydraulic parts processing

Hydraulic parts of the processing of individual requests to take the "wet" method, that is, all working procedures are to be added to smooth or clean liquid, in order to ensure the appearance of quality.

3.2 cleaning of hydraulic components and parts

Before assembling the new hydraulic parts, the old hydraulic parts must be cleaned after the cleaning.

1) hydraulic parts assembly and disassembly, cleaning should be in conformity with the national standard in the clean room, such as the condition of the operating room is best to fill pressure, so that the indoor pressure higher than outdoors, to avoid air dust purification. If the restricted conditions, should also be the operation between independent and isolated, individual does not permit disassembly of hydraulic parts and machining occasionally fitter in the same interior and relative stopping in the open-air shed, debris occasionally warehouse in synthesis and remove hydraulic parts.

Hydraulic dismounting device, the operating personnel should be wearable fiber is not easy to fall off the suit, hat, to prevent fiber, dust, hair, dander, scattered into the hydraulic system formed artificial purification. Smoking and eating in the operating room is strictly prohibited.

2) hydraulic parts cleaning should be carried out on the special cleaning stage. If the condition is limited, it is also to ensure that the temporary task table is clean.

3) cleaning liquid permits the use of kerosene, gasoline, and hydraulic systems, and the same type of hydraulic oil.

4) after cleaning the parts are not allowed to use cotton, hemp, silk and chemical fiber fabrics, to avoid the loss of fiber purification system. Are not allowed to use tiger skin to parts blast (tiger skin external with dust particles), when necessary can clean and dry shrinkage air dry parts.

5) after cleaning the parts are not allowed to directly on the land, cement, flooring, fitter and disassembly task and Taiwan on, and should be placed in a container with a lid, and pour the hydraulic oil.

6) the parts that have been cleaned but are not removed shall be kept in the anti rust oil, especially in the humid region and season.

3.3 purification of hydraulic parts removal

1) hydraulic parts shall be removed by the method of "dry demolition", that is, after the cleaning of parts, in order not to stay in the parts of the cleaning fluid and affect the quality of the demolition, should be in the part of the surface dry and then remove.

2) hydraulic parts during disassembly, such as the need to combat, stop using iron hammer, can use wood hammer, rubber hammer, copper hammer and the brass.

3) are not allowed to wear gloves when removing, or the use of fabric surface cleaning device, avoid fiber dirt into the valve.

4) hydraulic components, components have been removed after not assembled, they should stop all oil mouth with plastic plug.

3.4 purification in the transport of hydraulic parts

Hydraulic components and component transport should be pay attention to waterproof, dustproof, for short distance transport special is seaborne hydraulic parts must be used waterproof paper or plastic packaging paper package, add excessive drying agent, do not permit rain, fresh water contact hydraulic parts. Before packing and unpacking, should carefully review all oil export can plug, plug in prison, suffered a mild cleansing oil export take timely remedy, purification of major hydraulic parts must again synthesis, cleaning.

3.5 purification of hydraulic system assembly

1) the hose must be in line with acid pickling, scouring the front can be received