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Hydraulic transmission installation overview


Hydraulic transmission and installation with small size, light weight, small inertia, static bumps, can pass a larger force, but also has the advantages of operating and easy to complete the process of active and other advantages, so the hydraulic transmission installation has been widely used in defense and industrial and agricultural sectors. Such as ceramic factories widely used hydraulic press machine, hydraulic pump and hydraulic pusher etc.. Special is the reform and opening for more than 20 years, with the development of hydraulic drive, electronic and digital mastering skills, China's ceramic tile manufacturer widely adopted one of the world's most advanced full automatic hydraulic pressure brick machine consumption of ceramic wall and floor tiles, to to the need of satisfaction at home and abroad market. At the same time, China's domestic ceramics and sanitary ceramics industry has also been a great development, such as the use of ceramic products? The consumption and the consumption of the press forming, such as plate, dish, and the consumption of the equipment and the low pressure quick drainage [], the medium pressure grouting and the low pressure grouting and the promotion of the consumption of the sanitary ceramic forming of the low pressure and low pressure injection molding, are all welcome. But is the fatal weakness of the installation of the hydraulic mechanical equipment hydraulic drive hydraulic oil leakage, it not only influences the hydraulic transmission installation task performance and consumption effect, but also purify the consumption environment and waste of resources. Actual consumption experience indicated that the ceramics factory hydraulic mechanical equipment hydraulic drive installation of hydraulic oil leakage of the most effective roads is to select excellent sealing performance of the seal. Even if most of the consumption of ceramics manufacturers understand hydraulic drive to install special orphan of the hydraulic cylinder seal is a piece of some basic knowledge, but the lacks the system and one-sided understanding, so in the actual consumption, the orphan of the hydraulic cylinder seal quality often ignored by people, poor preservation, arbitrary disassembly and assembly, the consequences of orphan of the hydraulic cylinder seal of aging, injury or the occurrence of large plastic deformation, and even loss of sealing function, cause hydraulic oil leakage. So understanding ceramics factory orphan hydraulic sealing parts using the performance, material, tectonic situation, sealing mechanism and the factors affecting ceramic factory orphan hydraulic sealing performance factors. By choosing appropriate material and appropriate structural forms of hydraulic seals, and take the corresponding protective measures, can maximize the progress ceramic factory orphan hydraulic seal seal performance and enterprise's economic benefit.