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The advantages of parameter in the hydraulic cylinder


Hydraulic cylinder of the structure, the installation of the pump installation of the structure, installation position and cooling method to distinguish.

1, according to the installation of the pump, the installation position can be divided into:

1) vertical: vertical installation of pumps installed on the tank cover, important for the quantitative pump system thinking.

2) on the horizontal pump installation: horizontal installation on the tank cover, important for variable pump system, in order to facilitate the flow conditioning.

3) by the side of the pump: the pump is installed on the side of the fuel tank, and the auxiliary pump is important for the capacity of the fuel tank, and the motor power is 7.5 kW and above 250 liters.

2, according to the cooling method can be divided into:

1) natural cooling: by the fuel tank itself and the air cooling, the individual is used for the tank capacity is less than 250 liters of the Department of the opposite thinking.

2) forced cooling: take the cooler for forced cooling, individual for the fuel tank capacity is greater than 250 liters of the system. Hydraulic power station is an important technique parameter for the effective oil storage measurement and motor power. There are 18 kinds of specifications (unit: /L): 25, 40, 63, 100, 160, 250, 400, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3200,, 4000, 5000,,,,,,, 6000.

3, according to the fuel tank can be divided into:

1) ordinary steel plate: the box body adopts 6MM - 5MM steel plate welding, the panel adopts 10 - 12MM steel plate, if the hole is too much can be properly thickened or add reinforcement.

2) stainless steel plate: selection box 304 stainless steel plate, thickness 23MM, panel to take 304 stainless steel plate thickness 35MM, load-bearing parts add reinforcement.

3) common plate external fuel tank antirust processing more difficult to complete, rust into oil circulation system will form a lot of fault, adopt stainless steel design of tank is dealt with the industry's problems.