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Consequences of oil pollution in hydraulic system of hydraulic pump station

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If the hydraulic system is contaminated by oil, what adverse effects or consequences will the system have? I believe that this problem is what everyone wants to understand. Let’s talk about the consequences of oil pollution in the hydraulic system of hydraulic pump stations.

   The hydraulic pump station is mainly used in the hydraulic system. It is a kind of power element in the hydraulic system, which is mainly driven by an engine or an electric motor to send oil to the actuator for use. If the hydraulic system is contaminated by oil, the consequences will be:

   1. Component contamination and wear

   Various contaminants in the oil will mainly cause various forms of wear of the components, mainly cutting wear, fatigue wear and so on. In addition, the solid particles in the oil will cause erosion and wear on the surface of the component under high-speed flow. The air in the oil will cause cavitation, causing erosion and damage to the surface of the component.

   2. Component blockage and clamping failure

   The solid particles in the oil will flow and block the gaps and orifices of the valve, which will block and clamp the valve core, which will affect its working performance, or even damage it or cause an accident.