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Maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders

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All equipment can extend the life of the equipment only after correct maintenance and maintenance, and hydraulic cylinders are no exception. The following introduces the maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic oil, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

      1. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly during the use of the cylinder, and the filter screen of the system should be cleaned to ensure cleanliness and prolong service life.

      2. Each time the oil cylinder is used, it must be fully extended and fully retracted for 5 strokes and then run with load. Why do you do this? This can exhaust the air in the system and preheat the systems, which can effectively avoid the presence of air or water in the system, causing gas explosion (or scorch) in the cylinder body, which will damage the seals , Causing failures such as leakage in the cylinder.

      3. Control the system temperature well. If the oil temperature is too high, it will reduce the service life of the seals. The long-term high oil temperature will cause the seals to deform for a long time or even fail completely.

      4. Protect the outer surface of the piston rod to prevent bumps and scratches from damaging the seals. Frequently clean up the sand on the dust ring and the exposed piston rod to prevent sticking to the surface of the piston rod. Dirt enters the cylinder and damages the piston, cylinder or seal.

      5. Frequently check the connections of threads, bolts, etc., and tighten them immediately if they are loose. 6. Lubricate the joints frequently to prevent corrosion or abnormal wear in the absence of oil.

      The correct maintenance of the Yezhuang Youjiang and the maintenance of the furnace can effectively increase its service life. When it is used to achieve reciprocating motion, the deceleration device can be eliminated, and there is no transmission gap, and the movement is stable. Therefore, it is used in various mechanical It is widely used in hydraulic systems.