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  Changzhou Xuan Hao Machinery Co., Ltd  specializing in the production of high pressure large tonnage hydraulic cylinder and the main hydraulic cylinder product for such as large-scale forging equipment, copper and aluminum profiles extrusion equipment, rubber vulcanization equipment, hydraulic machine, wood press, and a variety of large-scale professional pressure equipment of the hydraulic cylinder product, and according to customer requirements, designing and producing all kinds of hydraulic.

   Our company can produce hydraulic cylinder diameter 200~2000mm, tonnage from 60 tons to 10000 tons of hydraulic cylinder, product factory after strict testing, to ensure the quality of each hydraulic cylinder reliability, in addition, we also provide stainless steel surface of the piston, can ensure the stability of products in the wet and corrosive environment, reduce maintenance costs, increase the service life of the equipment.

   The complete production process is rigorous, the product performance is stable, the quality is reliable, so that we always strive for the direction, we are now with the South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and other customers have long-term cooperative relations, we look forward to your letter and guidance!

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